Vintage Computer Festival Coming To Orange County On Feb. 17-18

By:OCI Staff

Get ready for a nostalgic journey back in time at the first-ever Vintage Computer Festival SoCal (VCF SoCal), happening this Presidents’ Day weekend, February 17-18th at the Hotel Fera in Orange, California. Join this fun, engaging, and interactive 2-day event, celebrating the expansive history of computing!

Founded in 1997, the Vintage Computer Festival has become a ‘must-attend’ for enthusiasts, with events held annually across the U.S. and internationally. VCF SoCal is the latest addition, joining the ranks of five other active VCFs across the country, and it’s set to be an unforgettable event.

Why You Can’t Miss VCF SoCal:

  • See an incredible array of vintage computer equipment exhibits, featuring pristine restorations, fantastic
    modifications, and mind-blowing from-scratch builds.
  • Get your hands on new and original tech, along with an impressive assortment of accessories – from
    virtual disk drives to WiFi modems. Between specialized vendors and a unique consignment store, you’ll find hidden gems around every corner.
  • Enjoy entertaining and educational presentations from industry veterans, makers of retro tech
    accessories, and dedicated historians. It’s an incredible opportunity to hear from those passionately
    exploring and preserving the golden age of computing.
  • Whether you digitally cut your teeth on a Commodore, Atari, Apple, Tandy, TI, or some rare machine,
    you’ll encounter a community of enthusiasts eager to discuss their memories and share their experiences with the latest in retro computing advancements for these iconic machines.

    VCF SoCal is more than just a festival; it’s a vibrant community event where enthusiasts, collectors, and newcomers alike can share their love for vintage computing. Don’t miss out on this monumental weekend of retro fun, learning, and community spirit. Buy your tickets now and be part of the celebration!

    Come See, Share, & Connect at VCF SoCal!

    About VCF SoCal: On the long drive home to SoCal from an epic weekend at VCF Southwest in Dallas, Texas, Micki and Steve Diederich, founders of the retro YouTube channel The VintNerd, wondered why there wasn’t a VCF in Southern California. They reached out to the Vintage Computer Federation, dedicated to preserving computing history through education, outreach and conservation, for permission to create VCF SoCal. Micki Diederich established Mic Gets Creative LLC, dba VCF SoCal, and began planning as the first female VCF Showrunner.

    Recent VCF shows have seen record attendance, and VCF SoCal is set to follow suit. Strong nostalgia for the 70’s and 80’s makes this a unique cross-generational event – with newly empty-nesters rediscovering their passion for vintage tech, and younger generations amazed by computers you can open up, repair and modify.

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